Open PhD position in Personal Multimedia Exposure Meter University of Ljubljana

Open PhD position

PhD project title: Personal Multimedia Exposure Meter

General description:

The development of modern multimedia content and communication networks, including social
networks, introduced provider-active information filtering and notification to the end user. Despite
clear benefits in terms of mitigating the problem of information overload, the active information
feed may cause additional overflow due to the increase of available notifications. These could be
disruptive to the end user's personal time management, and may increase the task-load related
stress and thus reduce their effectiveness.

The objective of this PhD study is to design an automated personal multimedia exposure meter,
integrating various digital services. This will be achieved by: 1.) creating an ambient data collection
in line with the design of user experiments, including relevant data sources and the test user
selection, 2.) developing simple personal multimedia exposure metrics, 3.) designing and
implementing the pilot version of multimedia exposure meter, 4.) evaluating the proposed personal
multimedia exposure meter based on the test user self-reports.

The PhD position will involve: (1) research on physiological measurements of user responses in
regard to multimedia exposure (social and bio signals), (2) research using statistical and machine
learning methods to model these responses, and (3) the ability to design and implement the pilot
version of the multimedia exposure meter. Personalization aspects need also be taken into

The project will be financed by Nielsen corporation. Nielsen will support the candidate offering test
environment to verify and validate the meter. In addition the candidate will be involved into other
similar media measurement projects for the remaining of time. At the end of the PhD study a job
position will be opened for the candidate at Nielsen.


Prospective PhD students should have:

  • a MSc degree completed
  • creativity and motivation
  • a basic knowledge in user modeling and machine learning is beneficial, although not required.

Application procedure:

Prospective PhD students must apply for the position by sending their CV to, by January 30, 2017. The position includes full employment for
3.5 years starting on early 2017.

Prospective PhD students must apply for the doctoral program in Electrical Engineering at the
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FE), University of Ljubljana, The
application deadline for the doctoral programme is September 15th 2017.

Contact: Prof. Andrej Košir,
Jože Arh,

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