Research engineer in thermodynamics and thermal fluid sciences Université catholique de Louvain

Research engineer in thermodynamics and thermal fluid sciences


In the frame of a large collaboration (financially supported by the Walloon region) project between UCL and Université Libre de Bruxelles about the quasi-isothermal compressed air energy storage technology (CAES), we are hiring a research engineer as a main investigator. The topic of the project is to combine an ejector cooling machine to a multi-stage air compression-expansion cycle to make the whole CAES system more efficient and tend towards quasi-isothermal CAES.


Such ejector technology uses a supersonic ejector as a thermo-compressor to produce a cooling from waste heat recovery. The target system here is to recover some heat between compression stages. An additional heat recovery using a renewable source could be exploited. The project is split in 2 phases:


  • a first phase where the system will be modeled, e.g. the compression-expansion of the air as well as the ejector cycle and the heat recovery/release. This part will allow to study the feasibility and to find the best coupling to optimize the CAES system. The final purpose go the part will be the full design of lab scale experiment using an exiting compressor.

  • the second step will be the build an ejector cycle and to couple it to the compressor to investigate practically the heat recovering and release to improve air compression efficiency et to compare to previously developed models. Then the ejector machine(s) will be taken to be installed on a demo CAES system with the help of our partner (ULB).


These first phase will be 2 years, and following a go-no-go process, the second phase will be also 2 years.


Additional comments


For highly motivated candidates and for those having demonstrated their ability in research, this could be coupled to a PhD, but it is not mandatory to do a PhD through the project.



  • Strong background in Thermodynamics 

  • Strong background in technical Thermodynamics (compressors, turbine, expander)

  • Strong background in compressible fluid mechanics, especially concerning the theory of nozzles, supersonic flows, shock waves...and modeling od 1D compressible flows in nozzles/ducts

  • Strong background in programming: matlab, c/c++  


Specific Requirements

  • Knowledge in ejector technology and ejector refrigeration is a plus

  • Knowledge in a thermodynamic software is a plus (Modelica)


Application Deadline: 11/08/2017

Contact Details


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