Asst. Assistant Professor in Current and Climate Theory m Building Technological Applications Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Asst. Assistant Professor in Current and Climate Theory m Building Technological Applications


Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering


KTH is one of Europe's leading technical universities and an important arena for knowledge development. As Sweden's largest university of technical research and education, we gather students, researchers and faculty from around the world. Our research and education covers both natural sciences and all branches of technology as well as architecture, industrial economics, social planning, technical history and philosophy.


Subject matter

Current and climate theory, with a focus on building applications


Subject Description

The subject includes flow and climate theory, models and technical solutions that contribute to the favorable development of health, comfort and safety aspects of the building and the built environment. Key moments in research methodology are mathematical modeling and analysis, numerical calculation techniques and methods for validating calculated results. Thermodynamic processes and heat transfer mechanisms for efficient and sustainable energy solutions are included.



Teaching at the undergraduate and advanced level in the subject area and supervision of thesis work. Supervision of postgraduate students and own research, including research requests. Assignments related to mission research may be relevant.


The assistant lecturer will be given the opportunity to develop his independence as a researcher and gain credentials that may confer the qualifications of another teacher's appointment to which higher eligibility requirements apply (see Chapter 4, Section 12, §§ Higher Education Ordinance). The assistant lecturer shall, upon application, be tested for a promotion to the lecturer.



Qualifying to be employed is the one who has obtained a doctorate or has obtained the corresponding scientific qualifications. It should primarily be considered as having obtained a doctorate or have reached the corresponding competence no later than seven years before the end of the application period.


assessment criteria

As assessment grounds for employment as Assistant Assistant Professor at KTH, the assessment criteria set out in the KTH Employee Scheme, Appendix 3, apply to the established employment profile.


It is of utmost importance that the applicant has

  • documented experience in key areas of competence for employment, such as streaming technology and climate theory

  • scientific skill, shown through international publication and citations

  • potential for long-term development

  • ability to take responsibility for their own research activities

  • ability to interact with other researchers in research groups


It is of the second highest importance that the applicant has

  • formal college education

  • Ability to exceed subject boundaries and work interdisciplinary

  • ability to develop and manage activities and staff, including knowledge of diversity and equal treatment issues with a particular focus on gender equality

  • experimental experience


It is also important that the applicant has

  • experience from other research environments than KTH, equivalent to a postdoctoral period or doctorate from another institution. In applicable areas, industry experience can be as valuable as a traditional postdoctoral visit at another university.


Special assessment grounds for promotion to the lecturer


When testing the application for promotion to the lecturer, the applicant will be able to independently initiate and drive high-quality research, published in international journals, and the applicant's ability to obtain funding for research activities, independently and in collaboration, to be given great importance. The same applies to proven skill in teaching.


Union representatives

You will find contact information for union representatives on the KTH website .



Design your application according to KTH's CV template for the employment of teachers. You as the applicant have the primary responsibility for completing the application based on the advertisement and CV template.


The application must be KTH at the latest midnight CET / CEST (Central European Time / Central European Summer Time) deadline.


You apply through KTH's recruitment system.



Time-limited to: The employment is permanent, but at the latest four years, and may be renewed if, due to the teacher's absence due to sickness, parental leave or other special reasons, additional time is required to achieve the purpose of the employment. However, the total period of employment may not exceed six years. The employment is part of the Tenure Track system at KTH and after the application, the assistant lecturer must be tested for promotion to the lecturer.


For more information about KTH's assessment, see  Employment Regulations for Teachers at Kungl. Institute of Technology


We eliminate all contact with staffing and recruitment companies as well as sales of additional job advertisements.


Type of employment

Fixed-term employment longer than 6 months

Extent of employment



As soon as possible


Fixed salary

Number of vacancies


employment rate





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  • Johan Silfwerbrand / Professor, 08-790 8033

  • Anders Karlström / Professor, 08-790 6898



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