Post-doctoral Researcher of “Youth Yangtse River Scholar” Prof. Zou Jianxin Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Materials Science & Engineering China

Post-doctoral Researcher of “Youth Yangtse River Scholar” Prof. Zou Jianxin of School of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof. Long Zhou Jianxin of School of Materials Science & Engineering is mainly focused in the research and application of nano hydrogen storage materials and new electrode materials. 1-2 post-doctoral researchers are recruited now.

Research Content:

1. The design and preparation of light metal based hydrogen storage materials and its application in fuel cell field.
2. The preparation and characterization of mesoporous materials and its application in new energy field.


1. Knowledge background or research experience in environmentalPhD of material science, material physics or chemistry or PhD in related displine research field(one of them is ok). The one who has published paper of high level in this field or has related engineering application is preferrable.
2. Passion in science and research work. Good team spirit and innovation ability.
3. Good command of writing and speaking both in Chinese and English.


1.In accordance with regulations regarding SJTU Post-doctors, project commission and annual performance bonus.
2.Being entitled to receive SJTU post-doctoral housing subsidy or apply for post-doctoral apartment.
3.Extra incentive subsidy is provided according to the research situation.

Registered residency matters is dealt with according to post-doctoral management policy in Shanghai.


Applying and undertake subject research independently; assiting in guiding master students and doctoral students; publishing high level of papers.

How to Apply:

Please send with title “Post-doctoral Position Application” your registration form and personal CV, the list of your achievements, the full texts of your theses (at least two) published in international journals, the photocopies of your certificates and research proposal to .

Address: Room 503, School of Materials Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China, 200240
Contact: Zou Jianxin
Tel: 021-62934327

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