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Department of Technical Cybernetics


University Lecturer / First Counselor in Automation Engineering


At the Department of Technical Cybernetics (ITK) at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering , the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), it is available as a permanent 100% position as Senior Lecturer / First Instant.


In f ormation about the department


The institute has 11 professors, 10 associate professors, 1 first-level sector, 1 laboratory and 1 university lecturer; of these are 3 women. In addition, there are 17 II positions, approx. 15 postdoctoral researchers and researchers and approximately 70 PhD students working at the department. About. 160 graduates graduate from one of the three master programs in cybernetics each year, while approx. 35 graduates are graduated annually in automation engineering from the 3-year bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.


The environment surrounding the bachelor program consists of 2 associate professors, 1 first-degree sector, 2 university lecturers and 1 departmental engineer. The teaching is largely project-oriented and based on laboratory work. Bachelor assignments are often conducted in cooperation with industry partners. We are also responsible for basic teaching in regulation technology for the bachelor programs in electrical engineering and renewable energy.


With this announcement, the Institute wishes to maintain and strengthen its teaching activity in automation technology. The institute is located in Trondheim.


Duties and duties

The assignments include teaching, counseling, business contacts and research in one or more of the subjects:

  • Real-time computer technology

  • Instrumenteringsteknikk

  • robotics

  • PLS

  • Electric motor companies


The university leader / senior sector will have a special responsibility for contributing to the education of a 3 year electrical engineer with specialization in automation technology .


The total employment obligation is divided into the fields of education, research and administration . The distribution between the different fields may vary, but over time it is expected that about 60% of the post will be related to education, about 20% to research and about 20% to administration . The administrative tasks will typically be related to the coordination, planning, development and implementation of the department's teaching tasks.


The job assignments for the post may change over time to best support the Foundation's needs in connection with activities in education and research. Educational tasks in education will include educational development work. It will also be interesting with research and publishing in education.




You must have a master's degree / sive, doctorate or equivalent degree in automation, cybernetics or similar. In addition, we will emphasize that you have relevant practice and experience in the subject areas in the list.


We refer to the regulations on employment and promotion in teaching and research positions for general criteria for the position: 


Educational skills and qualifications will be emphasized. The assessment will be based on documented pedagogical material, methods of preparation in the scientific work, experience from teaching and counseling, and educational background of another kind. Those who are admitted without having formal university education skills and can not document equivalent qualifications are required to pass an approved course in university education within two years after the appointment. NTNU offers such courses.


Some of the lessons are based on software such as Matlab , ROS and LabVIEW, and experience with these or similar systems will be emphasized.


Personal fitness will be given great weight. In particular, the applicant's educational skills and cooperation and communication skills will be emphasized.


The applicant must master Norwegian and English both verbally and in writing.


Requirements for the application


The application must contain:

  • CV with information on qualifications obtained and complete publication list with information about where the work is published

  • Certificates and diplomas

  • Information about teaching experience and other educational activities, including development of study programs, curriculum, experience as lecturer, and development of learning methods and learning environment

  • Scientific works - printed or printed - as the applicant wishes to be taken into account when evaluating (up to 10 working). Joint work will also be assessed

  • Information about dissemination activity

  • Other information that the applicant finds relevant


Joint work will be taken into account. If the joint work is difficult to identify the applicant's contribution, the applicant must provide a brief account of this.


The application will be assessed by an expert committee. The most current applicants will be called for interview and trial lecture.


In particular, NTNU encourages qualified women to apply.


Questions about the position can be addressed to Head of Department Morten Breivik, e-mail: .


Formal provisions


The person who is added must comply with the decisions regarding changes that the development in the subject causes and the organizational changes that decisions regarding the university's activities may entail.


University lecturer follows code 1009, where normal salary is currently gross. 470 000 - 569 000 per year depending on seniority and qualifications. The first sector follows code 1198, where normal salary is currently gross. 532 400 - 650 200 per year depending on seniority and qualifications. For highly qualified applicants, higher pay can be considered. From the amounts 2% of the required contribution is deducted from the Government Pension Fund.


According to the Public Procurement Act, information about the applicant may be published even if the applicant has requested not to be listed on the applicant list.


The application will be sent electronically via this page.  


Please note the application: IE 010-2018.


Application deadline: 26.02.2018.

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