Academic Vacancy for Instrumentation and Monitoring for Control of Advanced Manufacturing Processes KU Leuven, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Belgium


(Ref. ZAP-2017-48)

Employment: Full time

Place: Saint-Katelijne-Waver

Apply until: 15/01/2018


To the Group of Science and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technology Campus The Nayer Sint-Katelijne-Waver of the KU Leuven is a full-time academic vacancy in the field of Industry 4.0, specifically aimed at the instrumentation and monitoring of manufacturing processes in the manufacturing industry with the aim of advanced process optimization and control. We seek internationally oriented candidates with an excellent research file and education competence in the field of instrumentation and data acquisition for monitoring and controlling production processes, with strong attention being paid to demand-driven research in this field in close collaboration with industry.



The Design and Manufacturing Engineering research group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is active at the Nayer Sint-Katelijne-Waver Technology Campus. The research within this group focuses on various aspects of the modern manufacturing process in the manufacturing industry, from the initial production-oriented product design, to the optimization of production processes. The research group has three focus themes: With regard to production techniques, Advanced Manufacturing Lab focuses on advanced additive techniques, including the printing of electronics for smart components. In addition, the Welding Engineering group has a strong focus on welding techniques.

Research in all of these themes is mainly in a demand-driven context, translating state-of-the-art scientific evolutions into concrete applications in close collaboration with industrial partners. The group can rely on sound research infrastructure, a comprehensive international network, connections with companies and nonprofit organizations and a supportive work environment.



Both for the support of production-oriented design and for optimizing the production processes, there is currently a major challenge in the manufacturing industry in the correct in-process measurement and mapping of the production process and its effects on product quality. On the one hand, the current trend towards "Industry 4.0" strongly supports the availability of data in the entire chain of the manufacturing process. In addition, the developments optimization of individual production processes are increasingly based on a thorough knowledge of the underlying physical phenomena. This requires both a correct (off-line) identification and continuous (on-line) monitoring of the process, enabling advanced process optimization and control. In this context you will develop an international research program:
  • the instrumentation, monitoring and control of production processes
  • focusing on the application of modern measurement techniques for measuring physical parameters during a production process (temperature, geometry, etc.)
  • using advanced instrumentation including modern sensors and data acquisition (wireless measurement, vision techniques, ...)
You bring the necessary expertise in the measurement and data acquisition group, following the recent developments in the field, both in terms of advanced sensors and low-cost solutions. You use this data for the development and application of process monitoring techniques and for the purpose of advanced control. In addition, you reinforce the existing activities around both additive and welding techniques as well as robust design within the group. You develop activities of focused scientific research that result in doctorates and publications that comply with international standards and which lead to wide international recognition. You support or initiate a network of companies by valorizing research results and performing industrial services, with the aim of strengthening industrial innovation. You work around your research program an international partnership, both in academia and with industrial partners. You are able to competitively obtain both project-based government funding and bilateral industrial financing. You aim for excellence and thus contribute to the further development of the research group and the faculty. You pay close attention to socially valorizing your research results.


You provide high quality education to both bachelor and master students in the field of production techniques, measurement and control technology and automation, with clear commitment to the quality of the education as a whole. You also contribute to the pedagogical project of the faculty and the university through the guidance of student projects (eg bachelor and master's degrees) and as promoter of doctoral students. You develop your education according to KU Leuven's vision of activation and research-based education and utilizes the opportunities for educational professionalization offered by the faculty and the university. Your education assignment will be determined on the basis of your specific profile. It was limited in size during the first years of your appointment. In your further career, the faculty devotes a lot of attention to the balance between research and education time.


You are willing to provide scientific, social and internal services. You maintain close contact with the (local) field of work. You play an active role in the profiling of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering with regard to new students and the broad field of work through participation in information and opening days, networking and fairs, ...


You hold a PhD thesis, or can provide equivalent expertise and research excellence from a leading industrial R & D context.


You have a strong research file in the field. This must be evident from your publications or from your research experience within the industry. You have the ambition to contribute to the valorisation of research in industry and society. International and industrial experience are important advantages.


You have proven qualities for academic education. Educational experience is a plus.


You have organizational skills and you have been set up collectively. You also hold leadership skills in a university or industrial context.


The governing language of the KU Leuven is Dutch. If you have no or insufficient Dutch knowledge, the KU Leuven provides a training offer that you must allow to participate in board meetings.

Before you teach a lesson in Dutch or English, you will be given the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge of Dutch or English. English to acquire.


We offer full-time employment in an intellectually challenging environment. The KU Leuven is a research-intensive, internationally-oriented university that performs both fundamental and applied scientific research. It is highly interdisciplinary and aims at international excellence. She works actively with her research partners at home and abroad. Her students offer her academic education based on high-level scientific research. 

Your main workplace is KU Leuven Technology Campus De Nayer in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, an academic campus located approximately 45 km from Leuven with focus on technological and industry-oriented training and research.
Other technology campuses can also use your expertise to provide education. 

Depending on your file and qualifications, you will be appointed or appointed in one of the degrees of independent academic staff: teacher, principal lecturer, professor or professor. Junior researchers are in principle appointed as teacher tenure track for a period of 5 years; Afterwards, they will be appointed as senior lecturer in positive evaluation.


For more information on the content of the function, please contact: 
- Prof. Dominiek Reynaerts, Department of Mechanical Engineering Department (, tel. +32 16 32 26 40) or 
- Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Ivens, Chair of Technology Campus De Nayer (, tel. +32 15 31 69 44) 

You can apply until 30/09/2017 only through our online application application. 
If you are having problems with online application, you can email to

Please add a biosetch to your application, this biosketch is an essential part of each application. The biosketch formatting guidelines are on the job site and at the top of the biosetch template that one has to use. 

With your application, you also add a research statement (max 2 pages) that shows your added value to the research program of the research team. In addition, in a teaching statement you outline your vision of academic education (max 2 pages). 

The KU Leuven carries out an equal opportunity and diversity policy. She encourages candidates from groups currently underrepresented at the university to explicitly apply.


Application for this vacancy can take place until 15/01/2018 via our 

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