Five Tenure track Positions in Software Engineering University of Oulu, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Finland

Five Tenure track Positions in Software Engineering – All levels: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor


Job Description


The M3S (Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services) research unit ( in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE, at the University of Oulu, Finland, is offering five tenure track positions at the assistant, associate, and full professor levels based on the qualifications.  Review of the applications will begin on November 30, 2017. The positions will remain open until filled.


The tenure track positions are in software engineering at the University of Oulu focus area “Digital solutions in sensing and interactions” ( We see Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and other evolving communication technologies as the key drivers of digitalization all heavily based on software. In this context, we anticipate future information infrastructures to consist of large numbers of wireless sensors and environment embedded intelligent user interfaces, resulting in intertwined real and virtual worlds. These developments challenge software engineering due its increasing role in massive distributed heterogeneous systems. This calls for novel methods and tools for designing and managing intelligent software and systems. Special attention is required to empirical validation of these methods and tools in realistic use in order to guarantee the impact of research contributions.


M3S and the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering offer excellent cooperation opportunities with world-class research units on software engineering, sensing, embedded technologies, wireless communications, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, data-intensive services, and human-machine interaction. Moreover, M3S and the faculty have a long tradition in generating research impact through close collaboration with companies.  There are hundreds of ICT companies in the Oulu Region, including numerous university spin-offs. An agile large scale research to business model ( and company cooperation ecosystems (, are also accessible to researchers.


Successful applicants will carry out their research and education in the broad area of software engineering, including but not limited to:

-          Empirical software engineering

-          Artificial Intelligence

-          Novel software-based solutions in AI, IoT, 5G and data analytics

-          Embedded and distributed software intensive systems

-          Automotive software engineering

-          Software and system architectures

-          Requirements engineering

-          Software testing

-          Agile software development

-          Software business

-          Software evolution and maintenance

-          Collaborative and distributed software engineering

-          Behavioural and human factors in software engineering

-          Mining software repositories

-          Software security and safety


In addition to conducting high quality international research, candidates at all levels are expected to actively participate in the teaching of the research unit as well as to strengthen research in the software engineering field. All candidates are also expected to be able to acquire national and international research funding.


The M3S research unit has a long tradition in industrial and international collaboration and has actively participated in large European research projects since the 1990s. Over 30% of the research unit comprises international members. Members of the research unit have published their research in leading software engineering journals and conferences, e.g., IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Software, Empirical Software Engineering, Information and Software Technology, Journal of Systems and Software, and the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE).


Conditions, Requirements, and Benefits


We require:

  • Strong expertise in software engineering and high-quality publication record
  • Experience in teaching and understanding how to apply modern educational methods in practice
  • Experience in acquiring external research funding for senior positions


We appreciate:

  • Interest in building an academic career and leading a research team
  • Interest in supervising students at all levels
  • Experience in Empirical Software Engineering, AI, machine learning, data analytics, embedded systems, IoT, or 5G


We offer:

-          The starting package for a full professor includes two positions (worth approximately 320 000 €), one of which is for a post-doc or tenure track position and the other for a PhD student for 4 years.

-          The starting package (for associate or assistant professor) includes a PhD student position for 4 years.

-          The opportunity to join a top-level research group

-          Excellent collaboration opportunities with industry

-          An international environment and projects, with English as a working language

-          Health care benefits provided by the employer

-          The benefits of the Nordic welfare state, e.g., leading education system in the world, well-functioning day care for children, safety, and beautiful nature.


The full professor positions include a permanent work contract. The salary will be based on levels 8–10 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, appointees will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance (maximum of 46.3% of the job-specific component). The base salary is paid 12 months per year, at roughly 70 000–100 000 € per year, depending on appointees’ qualifications and experience. In addition, employees can receive annual incentive and project bonuses, which are paid on the basis of approved reward systems and profit center specific awarding criteria at the University of Oulu.


The first term of the associate or assistant professor (tenure track) position is for five years. The salary will be based on the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance (maximum of 46.3 % of the job-specific component). The base salary is paid 12 months per year at roughly 48 000 - 67 000 € per year, depending on the appointee’s qualification and experience. In addition, the employee can receive annual incentive and project bonuses paid on the basis of approved reward systems and profit center specific awarding criteria in the University of Oulu.


Other benefits: Finland is one of the most livable countries, with a high quality of life, safety, excellent education system, and competitive economy. The successful candidate will receive full benefits provided by the University of Oulu to university employees, including free time corresponding to holidays and free occupational health care services. The successful candidate will receive also benefits provided by the Finnish government to residents, for example possibility to obtain access to the national healthcare system, tax benefits for employees with children and high-quality affordable childcare services.


Required Qualifications and Career Advancement at Each Level of the Tenure Track


Job Responsibilities and Required Qualifications: A person at any level of the academic tenure track system is expected to conduct outstanding world-class scientific research, to be competitive in attracting external funding, to publish in leading journals and conferences, to supervise PhD students, to be an active member of the international scientific community, and to exhibit academic leadership. Required qualifications and career advancement at each level of the tenure track: Career advancement on the tenure track is based on performance assessments that measure the candidate’s merits.


Assistant Professor: The position of an assistant professor is for persons who have recently (less than ten years ago) finished their doctoral dissertation and are advancing towards a professional research career. The duration of the period is five years. The advancement assistant professor – associate professor – professor – distinguished professor is described in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines:


The selection criteria for an assistant professor are the following:

-          research potential and merit applicable to the position to date (publications, especially internationally refereed publications; participating in acquiring external funding/funding granted; connections with the international community in the field)

-          in most fields, having experience of working abroad is common during the professional research career

-          demonstrable development of skills is the prerequisite for a continuation period.


Associate Professor: The position of an associate professor is initially a fixed-term position for five years, but a continuation period may be granted or the position may be made permanent. Being granted continuation for the position requires meeting the below-mentioned criteria as well as successful research work as indicated in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines.


When appointing a person to the position of an associate professor the applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria:

-          publications on an international level: dissemination, quality of the publication forums, references to the publications

-          active role in research training

-          acquisition of external funding

-          working in more than one research facility during one’s career (in most fields represented at the University of Oulu this signifies working abroad)

-          an active role in the international scientific community

-          acknowledgements and awards.


Full Professor: The position of a Full Professor requires a doctoral degree, high-level scientific or artistic competence, experience in leading scientific research, ability to provide high-level research-based teaching and to supervise final theses, and merit in international co-operation projects in his/her field of expertise. The position of a professor also requires the ability to act as an academic leader. When evaluating the merits of an applicant, his/her scientific publications and other research results with scientific or artistic value, teaching experience and pedagogic training, ability to produce teaching material, other merits as a teacher, teaching demonstrations and supervised doctoral theses shall be taken into consideration. Other factors to be taken into consideration are the active role of the applicant in the scientific community, practical experience in the field where applicable, success in acquiring supplementary research funding, scientific work abroad, international positions, and leadership and interaction skills.


Distinguished Professor: The position of a Distinguished Professor is for especially distinguished applicants who exceed the criteria for Full Professor.


Application Procedure

Applications, including attachments, should be submitted using the electronic system form.  Review of the applications will begin on November 30th, 2017. The positions will remain open until filled.


For the all positions, the following documents must be attached to the application:

1)      A brief curriculum vitae in English;

2)      A motivation letter with a brief research and action plan in English;

3)      Teaching merits of relevance to the post concerned should be presented in the form of a teaching portfolio or comparable document;

4)      Publications deemed relevant to the position (max 10);

5)      A complete list of publications classified as follows: (1) articles in international peer-reviewed journals, (2) articles in international peer-reviewed volumes of scientific significance and articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and (3) other publications;

6)      Contact information for three references.


For further information regarding this position, please contact:


Professor Markku Oivo Head of M3S Research Unit Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services P.O. Box 4500, 90014 University of Oulu, Finland Email: Mobile +358 40 8227702

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