Assistant / Associate / Full Professor of Dimensional and Surface Metrology of Complex Products KU Leuven Belgium



  is a research-intensive, internationally oriented university that carries out both fundamental and applied scientific research. It is highly inter- andmulti-disciplinarilyfocusedandstrivesforinternational excellence. In thisregard, itactivelyworkstogetherwith research partners in Belgium andabroad. It providesitsstudentswith an academiceducationthat is based on high-qualityscientific research.


The vacancy fits intothe research lines "Production Technologies and Systems" of theKU Leuven Mechanical Engineering Department and "Quality Control" of KU Leuven Campus Group T, bothlocated in Leuven (Belgium). Moreover, complementary expertise is present at thedepartment on manufacturing technologies, machine design, andautomation. The Department is involved in a large number of research projectsand is also well connectedtotheindustry interfaces of the University andtogovernment-sponsoredtechnology transfer institutes at Flemishand European levels. Over theyears, the Department has accumulated a unique research infrastructuresupportingour research. The Department is particularlyactive in spin-off creation, illustratingthesocioeconomicrelevance of our research. Many of these spin-offs are technology leaders in their fields andtheirproductsand services have world-widereputation. Teaching dutieswill take placeprimarily at Campus Group T of theFaculty of Engineering Technology. Yearly, more than 1800 studentsenrol in the Bachelor and Master in Engineering Technology programs at Campus Group T.



Modern manufacturing involvestheproduction of productswithincreasedcomplexity at ever tightertolerancesandwithtargetedsurfacetextures. This presents increasingchallenges on the development andimprovement of new metrologyconceptsthatallowrobust, traceablemeasurementsandquality control. Examples of suchmeasurementchallengescomprise complex internalstructures made by additive manufacturing, and micro-features withtolerances in thenano-range. Moreover, theneedforincreasedproductivity calls for high measuring speeds as well as portable andtraceable in-processmetrology.The envisaged research willtherefore focus on dimensionalandsurfacemetrology of complex parts, such as micro-parts, additive manufacturedworkpieces, and sheet metal partsusingadvancedandmulti-sensor systems. It willmoreoveraddresstraceable in-processmeasurementsthatallow real-time monitoring of dimensionaland/or surfacequalityduring manufacturing operations.

Job description

  • Youwilldevelop a research programme at an international level in the field of dimensionalandsurfacemetrology. In addition, you take initiativestostimulatecollaborationwithindustry, bothregionallyandinternationally.
  • You take a leadingrole in developinginteractionwith members of thedepartmentandthe campus as well as withresearchersactive at otherdepartmentsand at othercampuses of KU Leuven. Youstrivefor excellence in your research andthusprovide a contributiontothecontinued development of the research groupanditsinfrastructureand services tothe community andFlemishand European industry.
  • You are capable of acquiringcompetitive funding.
  • Youpublish at thehighestscientific level, acquire resources forfundamentalandapplied research, developinternationalcollaborationsandsupervisePhDs at an international level.
  • Yougivethenecessary attention tothevalorisation on behalf of governmentand business in appliedresearch.
  • Youprovide high-qualityeducationwithinthe domain of metrology, manufacturing, andmechanical engineering in the Bachelor and Master programmes on electromechanical engineering technology. Youmoreovercontributetothepedagogic project of theFaculty of Engineering Technology by coaching Master and PhD students. The educationalactivitiescanbelocated at variouscampuses, yetprimarily at Campus Group T Leuven.
  • Youdevelopyour teaching in accordancewiththe KU Leuven'svision on activatingandresearchedbasededucation, and make use of thepossibilitiesfortheeducationalistprofessionalizationofferedbythefacultyandtheuniversity.
  • You are willingtoprovidescientific, socialandinternal services and are willingtoprovide services totheGovernmentandindustry in the context of applied research assignments.



  • You have a PhD wherebythe subject of your PhD thesis was relatedtothe research field (e.g. metrology).
  • You have a strong research profile. The quality of your research is proven bypublications in prominent leadinginternationaljournals, booksand conference proceedings, andbyinternational research experience. Moreover, demonstrableexperience in industrycanillustrateyourorientationtowards research valorisation, hence is an important asset.
  • You have demonstrablequalitiesrelatedtoacademiceducation. Teaching experience is an advantage.
  • International experienceand/or industrialexperience are also an advantage.
  • Youpossessorganisational skills and have a cooperative attitude. Youalsopossessleadershipcapacitieswithin a university context. You are willingto take up leadershipresponsibilitieswithin KU Leuven regardingboth research andeducation.
  • A verygoodProficiency in English is required. The official administrativelanguageused at KU Leuven is Dutch. Ifyou do notspeak Dutch (or do notspeakit well) at the start of employment, KU Leuven willprovidelanguage training toenableyouto take part in administrative meetings. Before teaching courses in Dutch or English, youwillbegiventhe opportunity tolearn Dutch respectively English totherequired standard.



We are offeringfull-timeemployment in an intellectuallychallenging environment. Youwillwork in Leuven, a historic, dynamicandlivelycity, located in theheart of Belgium, within 20 minutes of Brussels, thecapital of the European Union andlessthantwohoursfrom Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Depending on your record andqualifications, youwillbeappointedto or tenured in one of thegrades of the senior academicstaff: assistant professor, associate professor, professor or full professor. In principle, junior researchers are appointed as assistant professor on thetenure track for a period of 5 years; afterthisperiodand a positiveevaluation, they are permanentlyappointed (or tenured) as an associate professor.



For more information please contact Dr. ir. Koen Eneman, tel.: +32 16 30 10 65, mail: or Prof. dr. ir. Dominiek Reynaerts, tel.: +32 16 32 26 40, mail:


Pleaseadd a research statement toyourapplication (no more than 2 pages), demonstratingyouraddedvalueto KU Leuven forthe research domain of thisvacancy. In additionpleaseoutlineyourvision on academiceducation in a teaching statement (no more than 2 pages).


Youcanapplyforthis job no later thanFebruary 28, 2018 via the online application tool. Please visit


For problemswith online applying, please contact


KU Leuven seekstofoster an environment wherealltalentscanflourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. Ifyou have anyquestionsrelatingtoaccessibility or support, please contact us at

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