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MINESParisTech (EcoleNationaleSupérieuredesMinesdeParis)FRANCE


Center for processes, renewable energies and energy systems (PERSEE) SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS (06)


To develop its research and teaching activities in the hydrogen energy sector, MINES ParisTech is creating aposition of a Researcher in Energetics.

This permanent position is suitable for an experienced male or female researcher with a keen interest in multidisciplinary work,overlapping fundamental and applied research, in close connection with industry. He/She will take part in the contractual research and teaching activities carried out by theMATPRO (Materials and Processes for energy) group of PERSEE research center.




ThePERSEECenter intends to enlarge its team in the field of electrochemical processes for energy conversion and storage. In the short/mid term, this involves taking responsibility for the “processes/systems” activities concerned. In the mid term it will also involve denser coupling with electricity production processes using renewables (wind, solar).

The research mission will focus on the systemic aspects of the MATPRO group’s activities linked to the hydrogen sector. This includes among other things studies carried out on: i) PEMFC-type low-temperature fuel cells for all types of application (transport, stationary, etc.), stacks and auxiliaries as part of the balance of plant (recirculation of hydrogen, cooling, etc.), ii) electrochemical compression/purification, and iii) reforming and storage of hydrogen, andpossiblyiv) direct cell/battery hybridization. Given projections, activities are likely to rapidly integrate hydrogen production systems using electrolysis (or even plasma technologies) and coupling with renewable energy sources.

The individual recruited will be expected to be closely involved in establishing new direct partnerships with industrial actors in the domain, both on local and international levels. He/She will also have a mission to actively contribute to extending PERSEE Center’s academic national and international partnership networks and to develop his or her own creative research program.



The candidate will contribute to a range of courses and training schemes at the School. In particular, from the start, he or she will participate in lessons on the hydrogen energy sector and fuel cells as part of the recently created courses at the PSLResearchUniversity (UniversitéderechercheParisSciencesetLettres) -pre-doctoralITI year and Energy Master’s) - and our PERSEE Advanced Master’s in the field (ENRandALEF).The individual will also take part in options of the MINES ParisTech Civil Engineering program("MachinesandEnergy"and “Processes and Energy”). He or she will be involved in tutoring students on Civil Engineer (IC) program, Master’s and Advanced Master’s.The chosen candidate will also be encouraged to set up new courses on energetics that will enrich the School’s teaching program.


Specific characteristics

This position is suitable for an experienced researcher who has graduated from a top engineering school or university, holds a PhD in energetics, has a keen interest in the hydrogen energy sector, and 5-10 years’ experience of electrochemical systems and processes. He or she will be expected to have proven skills in electrotechnics, heat transfer, fluidics, electrochemistry and systems modeling. Significant experience in a research laboratory other than that in which s/he carried out his or her PhD, preferably at an institution or foreign laboratory, would be strongly appreciated.

The candidate must have a proven capacity for teamwork in order to develop research activities in collaboration with teams at the PERSEE Center, other laboratories in France and overseas, academics and industrials. The candidate will help to set up, create and/or coordinate projects combining theoretic and experimental research, modeling and numerical simulations. The individual must have demonstrated an ability to take responsibility in scientific and/or teaching, and organizational situations. 

A solid command of spoken and written English is imperative.




Applications must include the following items:

  • A cover letter,
  • A detailed CV,
  • A personal scientific project, connected to PERSEE research Center’s interests,
  • A list of research and publications,
  • Thesis and defense reports (and, if relevant, those relating to accreditation to supervise research),
  • If possible, three letters of recommendation addressed to us directly by the referees chosen by the candidate (at the very least, the application must include the names and contact details of three scientific referees who may be approached to give an opinion on the candidate’s research and competencies).


The application should be sent to the following address:

Centre PERSEE-MINESParisTech,




for the attention of the Director of the Center, Mr. Arnaud RIGACCI , and the head of the MATPRO group, Mr. Christian BEAUGERand/or(preferably)bye-mailto and


For further information, candidates may first contact Mr. Christian BEAUGER (

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